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Serving Arlington and Mansfield since 1975
(817) 465-9223
Serving Arlington and Mansfield since 1975
(817) 465-9223


Q:   Why should I choose Jerry's General Automotive?
A:   Okay, I haven't been asked this question but you are thinking it.  We are locally owned and operated.  Jerry's has been on S. Cooper St. in Arlington for over 34 years. We must be doing something right!  We have the most modern equipment, tools and most up to date information systems available.
Q:   How can I be sure you are qualified to service or repair my car?     
A:   I love this question.  We have ASE Certified and Master & L1 Certified Technicians.  ASE certification means that the Technician has undergone a series of tests to determine if he is qualified to repair transportation vehicles.  Another thing, we have been doing this for over 34 years.  Chances are some of your neighbors have had their car worked on here.
Q:   What do you offer that's better than other shops?
A:  One reason is we don't specialize; we have the expertise to take care of all your automotive needs. Have a problem with your car; just let us take care of it.
You don't have to worry if we can handle it.
Q:   Can you take me back home or to work?
A:   Yes, we can.  We also have a loaner car.  Always check the availability of it though (817-465-9223).  We can make an appointment for you and reserve the loaner.
Q:  And now our most popular question.  How much will it cost to repair ___________?
A:   This is the question we get asked most and is the hardest to answer. If you know exactly what part(s) need to be replaced, no problem, but most problems need some diagnostic time (labor) to figure out. How much time is always unknown and depends on the knowledge and experience of the technician; ours are excellent. Only after we know what part(s) need to be replaced, can we give you an accurate part(s) & labor estimate.
Q:  When do I need A Front End Alignment?
A:  A Front End Alignment is needed when the vehicle has excessive tire wear, when the vehicle pulls or when new tires are purchased to ensure maximum mileage from your new tires. Sometimes a pull is worn into the tires and will remain even after an alignment is performed unless the tires are rotated. We get many requests for wheel alignments for a shaking symptom. This is usually a tire balancing problem, a bad tire condition or a warped brake rotor.

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